Our Story

Nine Lives Motowear is a motowear brand with an emphasis on safety, sustainability, and style. Cats are known for their ability to always land feet first, withstanding falls and serious accidents without being fatally wounded. Women who ride motorcycles deserve access to gear that helps them feel no different, without sacrificing style or comfort. 

Felines and femininity have long been associated, and Nine Lives Motowear embraces that similar to cats, women exhibit dexterity, agility, and independence — on and off the motorcycle. Created by women with a passion for riding motorcycles and fashion design, Nine Lives Motowear combines our skill sets to create gear with your best interests in mind. 

Left: Bridget Dillon, Founder, Nine Lives Motowear. Right: Corinne Brothers, Founder, Rule Design & Development.

We're proud to guarantee that our products are made in the USA under ethical working conditions. We take pride in creating gear that minimizes harm to animals and the planet and does not exploit the hard-working people creating it.